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Teeth dont lie (e-Book ePub formate)

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Teeth dont lie (e-Book ePub formate)


is about listening to your body and transforming unsuitable life patterns.

Would you like to maintain healthy and strong teeth?

Would you like to avoid holes and pain in your teeth?

Would you like to prevent periodontal disease?

Would you like to save money and avoid expensive dentist bills?

Bad teeth eat away at both your wallet and your joy for life.

But teeth don’t have to be bad or expensive. Teeth Don’t Lie is filled with insights that will encourage you to make better choices.


The book is written by Danish dentist Dorte Bredgaard, who researches the connection between how we communicate, emotions, and dental diseases.

Diseases are ‛the language of the teeth.’ And when we understand what the teeth are saying, then it’s possible to spot and transform unsuitable patterns and make enriching life changes that can be felt in your everyday life as well as in your bank account.

Teeth Don’t Lie is a gold mine of constructive and valuable support for self-help.

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